Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

Global Entertainment Media Announces Successful Demonstration of Proprietary "i-HUB" Set-Top Box

LogoGlobal Entertainment Holdings (OTC: GBHL) has announced that its subsidiary, Global Entertainment Media (GEM), completed a successful demonstration of the i-HUB set-top operating device, a new convergence technology system that enables internet users and content viewers to easily find and view countless hours of programming and media content available throughout the internet with just a few “clicks”, or using voice commands.

Global Entertainment Holdings Announces Product Updates

LogoGlobal Entertainment Holdings (GBHL), a fully reporting company consists of: Global Universal Film Group, Global Entertainment Film Fund LLC, Global Entertainment Media, and You’ve Got the Part, Inc. The Los Angeles based firm has been instrumental in creating low-risk investment opportunities by utilizing large tax credits, co-treaty productions/financing, post-production deferments/hedging strategies, geographical production ( in respect to tax deductions) and back-end participation arrangements with production talent.

Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. with Full Movie Portfolio

LogoGlobal Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (GBHL) is a premier provider and financier in the Entertainment Industry. The company produces and distributes motion picture films, DVD(s) packaged with original manuscripts (books), music publishing and merchandising.