Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers

Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers, (GOAL) Is Delighted to Announce Its Upcoming Web Conference on the Topic:" Successful LPO Partnerships - What it Takes to Succeed? - GCs Discuss the Best Practices While Outsourcing"

In this web event, exclusively meant for General Counsel, you would be able to learn the practical explanations and advice on the types of services to be availed from LPO service providers.

The Industry Virtuoso in the Pasture of Legal Process Outsourcing from the Various Destinations Would Be in the Webinar to Share Their Knowledge and Ideas About One of the Fiery Issues in the LPO Market Which

The industry virtuoso in the pasture of Legal Process Outsourcing from the various destinations would be in the webinar to share their knowledge and ideas about one of the fiery issues in the LPO market which stands as "Scope of LPO Operations: LPO Doesn't Have to be Reserved for India…Dare To Think Beyond!”.

Suman Naresh and Pankaj Parnami to Speak on the Advantages and Best Practices for Structuring and Negotiating Your Outsourcing Agreement on February 23, 2012

This webinar is designed for Buyers of LPO services – law firm partners, counsels, IP Professionals, solo practitioners based in US, UK and other markets & Service Providers of LPO services – LPO executives, emerging LPOs from vendor locations

GOAL to Host a Web Conference in February 2012 on Trends and Challenges in Intellectual Property Offshoring

The panel discussion on the web will offer you a realistic study of outstanding IP developments and best practices for IP development, protection and enforcement while outsourcing/offshoring. This meeting will also give IP service providers an opportunity to understand what needs to be done for better task execution, to adopt and develop new business strategies and share space with LPO buyers and many more.