Global Psychics Opens Service to Help People Develop Their Psychic Abilities

Develop your psychic abilities with The Psychic Well, a new service by Global Psychics. This respected psychic reading service has launched a new website with services focused on providing the information and resources needed for people to pursue their personal and psychic development goals.

May Outlook – This Too Shall Pass, Say Global Psychics

What I see for May is that we are continuing the process of clearing the clutter, facing those old issues around both our personal lives and the global financial picture.” says Danielle Daoust, the owner of Global Psychics. “It is clear from our readings that many people are still struggling to pay the bills and they’re becoming desperate for solutions. The good news is that this too shall pass, no matter how gloomy things might look right now, there’s light on the horizon, a new day is dawning.

April a Month for New Beginnings, Say Global Psychics

“In April, we are seeing the end of a difficult cycle finally approaching,” says Danielle Daoust, Global Psychics’ owner. “Our readings are signalling a shift in the energy that is typically positive. So this month we come to grips with our disillusionments, and begin to focus on practical solutions to the issues that have held us back through the last few months. We can expect a new beginning?although it could take a few months to fully manifest.”

Global Psychics Launches New Website, Offers Five Minutes of Psychic Advice Free

Global Psychics has re-launched its main web site ( to make it easier than ever to get insights, answers, and advice from professional psychics, mediums, medical intuitives, and animal communicators.