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Demand for Commercial Services Candidates Remains High

LogoAlthough employment news has been challenging in many sectors throughout 2021, the technology industry has seen consistent demand. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US IT industry added 8,900 available positions in September this year and 4,800 available positions in October. The market has continued to grow despite the obstacles that have been thrown up by COVID-19 - and, in fact, has benefitted from the widespread digitization that has been the result of the pandemic response. Many in the industry have speculated that the issue is not the availability of roles when it comes to positions such as commercial services jobs in IT but the availability of candidates.

.NET Tech Community Forums Aid Progress and Developments

LogoProgress and keeping up with the latest developments are vital to those in development engineering jobs, as well as organizations looking to expand and grow in the tech world. A new community launched by Microsoft could be vital to collaboration and progress across the tech sector. The .NET Tech Community Forums are designed for all .NET developer topics and chats - users can create chats and collaborations around any subject that interests them. Updates are then received on a regular basis via the user's homepage or via email or RSS feeds.

The Great App Store Battle

LogoApple's battle with Epic Games has left the technology giant with an injunction that ensures it has to allow developers to direct users to alternative payment methods other than just the App Store. The injunction means that developers can avoid the 30% 'tax' that the company was applying to purchases and Apple can't punish those developers that opt to offer users the option of making direct payment. While Apple was supposed to comply with the injunction by 9th December this year it has asked for a stay that means that affected developers will be stuck within the current, restrictive rules for another year.

Changes to Microsoft 365 to Help Eliminate Potential Risks

LogoMost employees never really know whether their boss is keeping an eye on what they do online and this can open the door to some people taking risks. However, the latest version of Microsoft 365 gives full notice that it contains changes that will allow companies to have a clearer perspective on what staff are doing when they're online.

Robo-Delivery Relieves the Pressure on Delivery Networks

LogoGiven the pressure on delivery networks and supply chains over the past year it's perhaps no surprise that many retailers have accelerated their use of tech in order to try and solve many of the issues that the pandemic created. One of the most prominent partnerships to do this right now is that between Walmart and Ford - the pair are collaborating in order to provide robo-delivery in specific locations around the country, including Washington DC and Miami.

American Tech Poses Risk for US Allies in Afghanistan

LogoThe unfolding situation in Afghanistan has been the biggest news story of recent weeks. Now it's emerging that some of the American tech that was so necessary for forces in the country could be creating problems for those who are left behind. In particular, a biometric database that was used to track terrorists could be employed by the Taliban to identify those who were allies of the US.

White Hat Hacker Surprise for Poly Network

LogoHackers don't have the best reputation - for most businesses the idea of working with someone who has the skills to take advantage of network and system vulnerabilities is an intimidating thought. However, this is also a key step in protecting assets, as decentralized finance platform Poly Network recently discovered.

IT & Tech Recruitment Vital in Emerging Cryptocurrencies Markets USA

LogoCryptocurrencies tend to make headlines all year round but have recently been under the spotlight for a much-publicized downturn. The price of Bitcoin has dropped around half since its peak and currencies like Dogecoin have suffered even more. For the longer-term investors this isn't as troubling as it might be for brokers or those looking to make a fast buck. But it does raise questions about the future of cryptocurrencies, something that many people now feel is going to be found in proof-of-stake protocols. The motivation behind this is all about securing the integrity of cryptocurrency. Proof-of-stake is different to the proof-of-work protocols that many legacy cryptocurrencies rely on and which revolve around tokens in return for computers solving complex algorithmic puzzles. Proof-of-stake is where tokens are put up as collateral and is being put forward as the more democratic approach because it doesn't require a lot of expensive mining equipment. It could also reduce the negative environmental impact of the proof-of-work approach. However, proof-of-stake does have vulnerabilities, and switching could be complex, so it's not yet clear which approach will win out.

IT and Technology Sector Tackle COVID-19 Vaccine Mis-Information

LogoFacebook has been at the heart of many a controversy in recent years and now has been directly targeted by the US President for allowing the spread of COVID-19 vaccine mis-information. While President Biden originally described the social media platform as "killing people" by allowing the fake news to spread, this language has since been withdrawn and softened, moving the emphasis from Facebook itself to those who spread vaccine misinformation. A recent report revealed that there are just 12 individuals who have been responsible for the vast number of problematic posts on this topic on Facebook and who triggered the wave of misinformation that the nature of a social media network has amplified. In response to the criticism, it has received in recent months Facebook has introduced rules against making specific false claims about COVID-19 and vaccines and claims to be a reliable source of information. However, there are still widespread concerns about the way that some users have been able to exploit the platform to get a broader reach for a false message.

IT & Tech Recruitment - Google and Beyond

LogoNew design isn't always news in technology but the changes that were recently announced at Gmail do mark a shift for the search giant. The focus is on collaboration and productivity, with a range of new tools announced that will also work across other Google apps, including Docs. The aim of the redesign is to centralize all of the productivity tools available in Google and make Gmail the place where everything is controlled.