gMed. Inc

gMed Offers gCardio (Cardiology) Electronic Health Records System

gMed, a leading health management system provider, offers an easy to use electronic health records system specifically for cardiologists. This system is used for cardiology practices that integrate medical visits, procedures and billing into a single system with limited, inexpensive customization.

gMed Is Taking EMR Systems to Higher Levels for the Healthcare Industry

Gone are the days when a patient’s medical records were found in a sliding file cabinet system lining the hallways of doctors’ offices. The changing medical field and government regulations have brought technology into the doctor’s office, hospital and emergency rooms. This transition to electronic medical records is better known as EMR systems, or electronic medical record systems. gMed is leading the way for specialty practices to implement electronic health record systems ahead of the government mandate.

gMed Offers Electronic Health Record (EHR) Solutions Along With HITECH Incentives

gMed offers Electronic Health Record (EHR) management, with HITECH incentives that are specialty-specific, easy to use and are also certified for meaningful use in the office and ASC. It is a modern concept designed to keep track of the health records of individual patients. These solutions help doctors, hospitals, and health administrators to take advantage of their specific applications that are very easy to use and have proven to be reliable solutions that streamline medical practices.