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Upcoming "Promising" Local Film Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

SO IN LOVE, a Las Vegas-based short film launches its funding campaign to raise the film’s production budget. SO IN LOVE chose IndieGoGo a popular crowd-funding website, to raise 100 percent of their goal, and they are just 3K shy of reaching that milestone. This campaign is set to run through March 9, 2014, generating excitement and buzz for the upcoming film. The goal of this campaign is to raise the funds needed to produce a top-notch project intended to propel the important issue of teenage pregnancy from a nonjudgmental, but compassionate Christian persepective. To that end, most of the production crew has remarkably volunteered their time and talent, with a only a handful receiving a nominal fee. 99% of funds raised (minus Indiegogo's fees) go strictly to production costs.