GoFreshWater Launches Latest Portable Water Purifier in Response to Surging Dangers

As the popularity of outdoor exploration continues to swell, the number of hikers becoming lost during their treks is also on the rise. In many cases, jaunts intended to last no more than a couple hours end up stretching on for significantly longer periods. Though the majority of hikers bring bottled water along with them, caches considered appropriate for their planned expeditions may be insufficient should the situation take a turn for the worse. In light of the growing likelihood of such a scenario, John Smeaton of GoFreshWater has launched the company's latest portable water purifier.

GoFreshWater Introduces Innovative, Highly Portable New Go-Bottle Water Purifier

The single most common cause of an unpleasant overseas holiday is a waterborne illness. With a full 50% of Australians demonstrating exposure to "superbug" bacteria upon their return home, according to the Australian National University's Prof. Peter Collignon, having reliable access to safe, clean water is the best way of ensuring that a long-awaited holiday will be fun and recuperative. Thanks to the launch and immediate worldwide availability of GoFreshWater's convenient new Go-Bottle, travelers, campers, and hikers can enjoy fresh, pure water more easily than ever.

GoFreshWater.com Publishes Scary New Statistics Concerning the Drinking Water Supply

Returning holiday makers need to take care, as 50 percent test positive for a superbug bacteria, one that is contracted while they are participating in local, everyday activities. In addition, 50 percent of patients who are hospitalized have a virus or water bacteria based illness. Statistics such as these need to concern all, and many individuals are now opting to make use of a portable water filter.

GoFreshWater Launches Latest Product Line in Battle for Clean Water Availability

Studies reveal trace amounts of at least 100 harmful bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other substances linger in the majority of public water supplies even after being subjected to treatment. At the same time the cost of relying solely on bottled water for fulfilling recommended daily allowances adds up to almost $1,500 per person each year. In answer to these issues, John Smeaton of GoFreshWater has launched the company's latest portable water filter lineup.