Goldstein Bachman and Newman

Goldstein Bachman and Newman Revamps Divorce Consultation Process

Goldstein Bachman and Newman ( understands divorce is a stressful time in a person's life and that he or she may be dealing with pressing financial issues, leaving little money for the hiring of an attorney. The firm now offers a free initial consultation to help those wishing to dissolve a marriage so one can meet with an attorney and determine if he or she feels comfortable with this person and the offered legal representation.

Goldman Bachman and Newman Reveals Three Firm Attorneys Participate in ESP Panels

New Jersey differs from many states in that it requires divorcing parties participate in a process known as the early settlement program to avoid a court appearance. This alternative dispute resolution procedure strives to help parties reach an equitable agreement when it comes to disputed matters quickly and efficiently. Doing so halts the litigation process and reduces the costs associated with divorce proceedings while easing the emotional burden of all involved.

Goldstein, Bachman and Newman Launches Awareness Campaign for Child Support Rights

Nationwide legal reports reveal an estimated 12 million child support orders currently exist across the country, representing only 33 percent of the number there should be. Of those in existence, approximately half remain outstanding, leaving 6 million children and their custodial parents in the lurch. In light of these figures, family law attorney Howard Bachman of Goldstein, Bachman and Newman has launched a campaign to educate those in the Middlesex County area regarding their rights and the laws pertaining to child support.