Gostai Jazz Robots Give CeBIT a Taste of Science-fiction

Gostai will showcase a brand new design for its Jazz mobile telepresence robot at CeBIT. Jazz now integrates an LCD screen featuring the face of the person controlling Jazz. CeBIT is the first time Gostai shows this new design on an international scale.

Gostai Unveals Its New Service Robots Line

Gostai, Europe’s leader in service robotics & Artificial Intelligence solutions, reveals its Gostai Jazz® autonomous service robots line.

Gostai Organizes the First Urbi Open Source Contest

Gostai decided to open its Urbi operating system for robotics to the community in May. To support this release and stimulate the Urbi programming community, Gostai now organizes a free contest based on Urbi open source.

The Urbi Robotic Software Platform Goes Open Source

Gostai, the editor of innovative software for robotics & AI, is pleased to announce that its core Urbi technology is opening its code base to the open source community.