Priceless iPad Mini Hits the Market April 1st has announced a new contest with a one of a kind prize: an iPad Mini covered in space dust and the box is topped with a real meteorite.

The 24k Gold Vacuum Cleaner Goes from $1,000,000 to $.01 for Cyber Monday Auction

LogoThis past June, GoVacuum made International headlines with a product that was as ludicrous and odd as its price tag. While James Dyson is known for creating bagless vacuums under his Dyson brand, Justin Haver got his 15 minutes of vacuuming fame for creating a gold plated vacuum cleaner that he envisioned selling for $1,000,000.00.

World's First Vacuum Cleaner Recycling Festival Announced

LogoVacuums Unlimited, a family owned vacuum retail business, has teamed up with Forever Green Recycling to host their first annual “Recycle and Save” event.

World's First Vacuum Cleaner Recycling Website Launched

LogoKeeping up with the minds of today’s environmentally conscious consumers, has recently launched America’s first vacuum cleaner recycling program. is the first program of its kind which allows consumers to reduce their carbon footprint. Justin Haver, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GoVacuum says the benefits of this recycling program is to, “Reduce, reuse, recycle; this is the process we all learned as kids to help the Earth. We try to reduce the number of vacuums being purchased by urging our consumers to buy a quality vacuum that will last longer. We will service most of the used vacuums we receive from this program and offer them for re-sale. If beyond repair, almost every part of the vacuum is recycled as per the recycling company we've partnered with and their 99% no landfill policy.”

Firebox Becomes Dealer for The World's Most Expensive Vacuum

LogoThe 24k gold plated vacuum from the United States has now crossed the Atlantic. UK consumers can now clean their homes with the golden wonder by GoVacuum thanks to, the UK's exclusive dealer for the GoVacuum GV62711.

First a $999,999 Vacuum. Now a Priceless Vacuum Cleaner?!? is not a company that seems to shy away from extravagance. A few months ago, this family owned business released the GV62711, the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner that cost nearly $1,000,000.00. Yes, one million dollars. That vacuum cleaner, the GoVacuum GV62711 is a metal vacuum that’s plated in 24k gold. Apparently a Million bucks and a gold covering didn’t appease GoVacuum’s exotic vacuum buyers, as they have now teamed up with the technologically- advanced German vacuum maker, SEBO, to produce an even more exclusive and blinged out vacuum cleaner. Don’t worry; you won’t need to break the bank to buy this one, as the SEBO GV62712 is the world’s first and only priceless vacuum.

24k Gold Vacuum Cleaner Cost $1,000,000.00 or Best Offer, the Chantilly, VA based company that recently introduced the world's most Expensive vacuum cleaner, the GoVacuum GV62711- has announced today the $1,000,000 24k gold-plated cleaning machine might sell for less than the $999,999 sale price.

Twitter Contest Creates Buzzing & Trending... for a Vacuum

LogoGoVacuum has launched a Eureka vacuum contest giveaway that in very little time has started to buzz and trend on the web. It's a Twitter contest that's getting hundreds of entries a day, why?

Social Media Changes the Face of Coupons in the New Digital Age

LogoRemember back when you would wait to make a purchase until after you received the Sunday coupons from the inserts of the newspaper? The days of cutting coupons and falling victim to the occasional paper cut are over. Even today, while there are reality shows such as Extreme Couponing along with thrifty consumers who hoard paper coupons, the average consumer is turning to the Internet for savings.

New Vacuum Repair Website Enables Everyone to Fix Their Own Vacuum Cleaner

LogoGoVacuum has introduced a new and exciting website for everyone who owns a vacuum cleaner called, a vacuum repair forum where anyone can post a question regarding their vacuum cleaner; certified vacuum technicians will be standing by to answer any and all questions, guaranteeing a response within 24 hours or less. In many cases, GoVacuum will even film a repair video related to common questions and problems and post it on