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GPR One Call Explains How Tank Sweeping Can Save New Homeowners Time & Money

Due diligence is very important for homeowners who are considering buying a new property. Thorough inspections can help identify problems with a house that may be difficult or impossible to spot during a simple walkthrough. One such problem that can be both tedious and costly to deal with is a leaking underground oil tank. Residential oil tanks should always be removed when they're done being used, but in many cases, the previous homeowner will ignore regulations and leave their old tank in the ground. GPR One Call explains how detecting the tank early with a professional scan can save homeowners time and money.

GPR One Call Explains How Ground-Penetrating Radar Can Make Construction Projects Quicker and Easier

For construction jobs that involve digging, subsurface objects are a major potential hazard. Especially in dense population areas like Brooklyn and Long Island, where subsurface power and sanitary lines are everywhere, it is extremely important to thoroughly survey the area where the digging will take place.