Greenshine New Energy

Greenshine New Energy Meets the City of Tooele's Requests of Robust Lighting Without Damaging Beautification Efforts

LogoSometimes utility can be damaging to communities, especially if the area has a lot of beautification efforts already in place. That's just the case with the city of Tooele (pronounced Toowillah), Utah. The city was already well-established but needed lighting in residential areas--safety for commuters and drivers was a large pain point for the residents. Installing a traditional lighting system wasn't very viable because yards and driveways needed trenching to run power. The city needed proper illumination but had the hurdle of trenching to get over. The best option for the community was solar lighting, and city officials chose Greenshine for their extremely cost-effective lighting products.

Greenshine New Energy Saves Fortuna's Beautification Efforts While Providing a Robust New Lighting Solution

LogoThe City of Fortuna, located in northwest California, has recently seen a green upgrade because of the experts at Greenshine New Energy. City officials needed a new lighting system placed for a well-traveled street. The largest pain point was the city's older power infrastructure--above ground power lines were already in place and wouldn't be very practical for a lighting system nor beautification efforts.

The City of Berkeley Reaches out a Hand for the Homeless with Some Help from Greenshine New Energy

LogoGreenshine New Energy has yet again demonstrated excellence in the solar LED lighting market with their latest project that brings a little more than light to an impoverished area of Berkeley, CA. The city faces a significant homeless population and decided to improve city grounds for the homeless by installing a modular resourcing encampment including temporary shelter, restrooms, and of course, lighting. The focus of the project had a lot of heart, but a large pain point for the encampment was its location---and a bevy of permits, restrictions, and money hurdles that would have tacked on a bill twice the size of Texas with the light installation.

Greenshine New Energy Lights the Path to a New Resort Opening

LogoPeople in search of a luxurious resort have another destination available in Austin, Texas after the Hyatt Miraval Resort opened its doors with the help of Greenshine New Energy. A distant entry path and rocky, uneven soil were problems for the hired engineering team to place new light poles and trench for any electrical source. Thankfully, there were wooden poles from a previous project lining the entryway, and the best option was to retro-fit these older, sturdy wooden poles with lights. However, there was still the problem of drawing electricity, which was far away from a source and costly to connect. Out of options, the engineering team heard of Greenshine through the grapevine and learned of a viable lighting option; solar LED lights could be retrofitted to each of the wooden poles without drawing power from underground! This project had a much more attractive price (and was more practical anyhow) than trenching and connecting to nearby power.

Greenshine New Energy Brings New Solar Light and Life to Phillips Landing

LogoA new solar LED lighting system provided illumination for the aging park for guests and boaters to enjoy the park at all hours of operation.

Greenshine New Energy Completely Overhauls Santa Monica Airport's Archaic Lighting Setup

LogoGreenshine New Energy has once again demonstrated their excellence in finding lighting solutions while slashing costs for businesses substantially. Their latest project was a complete overhaul of an archaic lighting system installed in the parking lot for Santa Monica Airport. This airport is known for its history since its opening in 1923 and has had many replacements of their lighting in the past. Unfortunately, the last light system installation for the airport wasn't up to standard--several of the lights were malfunctioning and weren't sufficient to keep commuters feeling safe. The winning aspect of this new project was that the replacement solar LED lights were so adaptable, they were able to be placed into the existing foundations without needing to trench into the concrete for wiring.