Greenveldt Ltd. Offers Indoor Office Plants Rental in Cork to Warm Up the Surrounding of Workplace

Greenveldt Ltd. is now offering the most beautiful range of indoor office plants rental in Cork. Greenveldt Ltd. is an Irish based company located in Cork that specialises in indoor plants, Christmas displays and outdoor displays. The company is well known for delivering the most spectacular range of these products. They offer mesmerising plants on a rental basis for government offices, restaurants, supermarkets, executive offices, bars, and many more.

Greenveldt LTD. Offers an Impeccable Service for Indoor Plants Maintenance in Cork

Greenveldt Ltd. offers an impeccable service for indoor plants maintenance in Cork and with a free consultation on each project. The company makes an initial visit with a detailed proposal and quotation to reflect the clients’ requirements along with the companies’ Health and Safety Statement, Tax Clearance Certificate and Letter of Insurance cover.