Grovers Mill

New Podcast Satirically Rivets with Inventive Crime and Conspiracy Fake News from Grovers Mill

LogoJust in time to pay homage to Orson Welles and the anniversary of The War of the Worlds, a new podcast provides the latest spin on fake news. Now on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube, the conspiracy serial Grovers Mill is set in the same town as the iconic radio show that portrayed mayhem for unwitting listeners 80 years ago. Now in a new format, the Grovers Mill podcast parodies the true crime genre with old-school British humour on hand. Think Serial meets South Park to bring a dark comedy podcast racing to the fore. After all, who doesn't want to know a main character like, Willkie Poe? He's the theatrical podcast's forensic psychic who's all too entranced by moon landings, politics, and the FBI. It seems rather on point for a current social climate intrigued by government cover-ups, character assassinations, and murder.