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Veganuary – A Great Alternative to Dry January: Grown Up Hydroponics Comments

While many people are committing to Dry January, pledging to quit the booze for 31 days, many others across the globe are instead opting to participate in Veganuary instead – vowing to follow the vegan diet for the month and eliminating meat, fish, diary, eggs and honey from their diets. So far a record 50,000 have signed up, and it is anticipated that even more are going to follow suite, and attempt the vegan diet in another month of their choice.

The Telegraph Reveals Cool Brussels Sprouts Facts in Time for Christmas: Grown Up Hydroponics Comments

Brussels sprouts are somewhat like Marmite, people seem to either love them or hate them, there is no in-between, however when it comes to Brussels sprouts it seems that there's many things in which people do not know about them, with the Telegraph recently publishing an article jam-packed full of Brussels sprouts facts for all to feast upon.

UK Hydroponics Company Supplies Complete "Grow Your Own Chili" Kits and Leaves Customers Overjoyed

As many of you will already be aware, the majority of "grow your own" kits out there unfortunately don't contain all of the components needed for growing – from soil to flowerpots, when purchasing these kits many people are often left disappointed, realising that they need to go back out to purchase more things. However, one company, Grown Up Hydroponics, has recently changed this offering what is possible the first ever complete grow you own chili kit.

Vegetables Replacing Meat by 2020: Grown Up Hydroponics Comments

The Observer has released a new blog which states that vegetables will replace meat by 2020, a variety of chefs, food activists and scientific research have all agreed that this shift was going to happen and that vegetables will now dominate the plate of the American dinner.

Leading Hydroponics Equipment Supplier Explains Deep Water Culture

When it comes to hydroponics and Deep Water Culture (DWC) in particular many people often think that it is incredibly complicated and therefore opt to use other methods of growing instead. However, one hydroponics company has recently broken it don for all – explaining what DWC entails and allow for more and more people to understand.

Royal Horticultural Society Provide Winter Vegetable Growing Tips: Grown Up Hydroponics Comments

When people first start their gardening lives, many are under the impression that throughout the winter period there is nothing that they can do, however this is not true and the Royal Horticultural Society have recently revealed some top tips for all to benefits from. Some of the things in which RHS recommend for winter growing include broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbages, leeks and parsnips.

Grown Up Hydroponics Now Offering the Quietest Inline Fan Range

Deadly silent and full of power, if noise is a problem for you Grown Up Hydroponics is now offering a fan range ideal for you. The Silent Range of Extractor Fans from Soler and Palau are extremely quiet due to their lightweight, sound insulated design and are 100% suited to indoor growing.

Grown Up Hydroponics: Providers of HydroMag's Winning Carbon Filters

HydroMag's Carbon Filter Comparison saw Phresh carbon filters and accessories coming out at the top – offering multiple benefits and strong advantages over other available options within the industry. One leading hydroponics company that is proud to offer an extensive range of these filters is Grown Up Hydroponics; a company that constantly strives to provide the very best hydroponic growing equipment at the very best prices.

Grown Up Hydroponics Introduce New Nutrients to Their Collection

When it comes to nutrients to grow hydroponically, many find that choosing the best ones can difficult, as there are just so many choose from, many of which come with false promises and false hopes. However, one company that are able to guarantee that they stock only the very best and most ultimate hydroponic nutrients, plant feeds and boosters is Grown Up Hydroponics, and this is because they take the time to test each product thoroughly before they put it up for sale. Even better, the company are now adding even more great nutrients to their collection for their customers to benefit from, in the form of Ecothrive Biosys Instant Microbe Tea and Genesis Nutrient. Here is a little information about each of these new products:

Huge Urban Farm Sets Lofty Ideals

Atop of an abandoned 1950s block of offices, tomatoes, micro greens and vegetables are being grown in what is being tipped as Europe's largest urban farm. The abandoned offices were once the mainstay of operations for the Dutch telecommunications giant Phillips. Now a sea of fresh greens can be seen high above the building located in The Hague.