Vices and Adulation Leads Metal Indie to Mainstream Music

Independent bands and singers have always been the “backstage boys” of the music industry. Well not anymore. Lucy-May and Fabian Upton have teamed up to form Vices and Adulation, a melodic metal indie rock band. Since their formation in January 2013, the band consistently gained fame and recognition. Other than launching a few websites such as (their main website) they also used social media behemoth Facebook to promote themselves. She says on an interview that if recording artists cannot play on shows, fans need to show their support through internet downloads and publicity in social media. Their Facebook page Vices and Adulation already has 13,000 likes by the first week. By mid-April 2013, their Facebook page already has a staggering 368,000 likes. Surely, this band is something to watch out for.