Ditching a Book of Business Worth $10M Sell Start Gun Holsters - How One Entrepreneur Played the Ultimate Game of Career Roulette

Arthur A. Rouse, Jr said goodbye to a successful finance career to follow his dreams of running a business. Did he put the bullet in the wrong chamber?

U.S Shooting Ranges Finds More Women at the Firing Line Than Ever Before - According to Online Gun Retailer

According to one U.S gun retailer, shooting is no longer the Male-dominated sport it once was. With their shipments to women dramatically increasing, they believe that the sport is finally seeing the diversity it deserves.

Gun Holsters Expands Gun Accessory Line and Builds New Site to Match

Gun Holsters Unlimited is already one of the foremost suppliers of Gun Accessories in the U.S. They supply everything from scopes and sights to knives and tactical gear to shooting sportsmen, law enforcement and even members of the military. GHU is near complete on a brand new site encompassing some of the best new technologies.