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New Book Provides Women Love Help

Women today are facing a number of problems when searching for the Mr. Right; what initially seems to be a dream date can turn into a disaster if one is not careful. When one begins to understand that the person one is dating isn’t what he seems or when one discovers that one has been dating a married man all the time, it is nothing short of a heart-break. At such times one needs a good guide to make one move on and once again build confidence so that the same mistake isn’t repeated in future.

Dating Revolution Workbook - A 12 Step Journey to Rediscovering Your Power

When women strike disaster in their quest to find love or friendship through dating, making the wrong choice or choosing the wrong man due to lack of confidence or falling for married men which can break their heart, women need someone to guide them, give them back that confidence and help them avoid common mistake. That help and guidance comes in the form of a brand new book titled Dating Revolution Workbook by Charyn Gant and Dahmenah who are focused in bringing you a 12 Step journey to rediscovering your power.