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Gym Junkies LLC Launches Campaign to Encourage People to Follow Their Fitness Goals

Recent industry studies have shown that two percent of the population in the United States is currently underweight. Another group of Americans are on the thinner side of their normal weight, but are unable to gain more weight or build muscle. These people often suffer the same societal discrimination as those who are overweight. Their frustration can lead them to eat fatty, unhealthy diets in a futile attempt to put on weight. The founders of Gym Junkies understand this. That is why their new informational campaign is focused on finding those people and letting them know muscle building is possible for anyone and it can be done in a healthy manner.

GymJunkies Launches New Line of Blogs Targeting Resolutioners Looking to Get in Shape

While it's no surprise the number one New Year's resolution for individuals ringing in the new year this year was to lose weight, it may come as a bit of a shock that rounding out the top five was the lofty goal of staying Fit and healthy. According to Terry Asher, spokesperson for, an online fitness blog, for many this means going from skinny to muscular in 2015.