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According to a report by The Times of India Tech, 7 out of 10 hacking attacks are done through web applications. Some key findings of the report states that 155 .gov and .nic domains were hacked in 2014. 58% of these attacks were for financial gains and the rest 42% were by foreign governments to acquire confidential information. In 2015, 185 million mobile users were accessing the internet from a highly vulnerable platform. 91% of the newly designed websites had SQL injection vulnerability and 97% were prone to cross scripting attacks.

Application Security Testing: Extending a Safe Boundary to Prevent Security Breaches

According to a survey by IBM(International Business Machines Corporation), 75% of the company owners stated that they understand the impact of IT and online security risks on their brand reputation and customer satisfaction. There has been an increase of 38% data breach cases. Around 59% confirmed that they plan on increasing their spend on coping with online security issues.