HARTTER : MANLY Launch Slated to Bring Perfectly Cut Suits in Imported Fabrics to Doorsteps in Weeks

LogoAlready equipped to harness the power of convenience found in shopping online, the rebranding of a widely-recognized menswear line has gone renegade. Targeting the discriminating man who keeps fashion at the fore, the company formerly known as Manly Collections found a niche by redefining what it means to be conveniently well-dressed. But, they've upped the ante. With a visionary tact, suddenly, finding custom order suits online is not just a pick a fabric, pick a style experience. Instead, made-to-measure suits have married a more expansive approach to specialized tailoring online. Now, skilled tailors stand at the ready with a choice of 3,000 premium fabrics from Italy and England all poised to be cut within an inch of their life to form something never seen in the marketplace. Welcome to the newest, most inherently elite, version of the bespoke suit online. Welcome to HARTTER | MANLY.