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Ontario Chiropractor Discusses Benefits of Massage Therapy

LogoHarwood Chiropractic Centre in Ajax, Ontario, encourages patients to take advantage of the therapeutic and healing benefits of professional massage therapy. Ontario residents can consider a variety of massage therapy treatments when undergoing chiropractic treatment for pain, wellness or injury. Massage therapy treatment is non-invasive and has been shown effective in correcting muscular dysfunctions and improving the body’s overall functionality and wellness for patients of any age. A skilled massage therapist can apply techniques for improving circulation, lymphatic function, and bolstering the immune system. Massage can relax muscles and connective tissues, increasing flexibility, releasing tension and alleviating chronic pain symptoms. It can break down soft scar tissue and adhesions that cause long-term pain and stimulate glands that reduce mental and physical fatigue, promote natural regenerative function and improve overall health by easing headache pain and improving sleep.

Ajax, Ontario Chiropractic Centre Offering the Graston Technique to Patients

LogoHarwood Chiropractic Centre of Ajax, Ontario offers a uniquely advanced treatment for patients suffering pain symptoms and movement restriction as a result of scar tissue development. The Graston Technique is an advanced technique that features the use of a specialized instrument which improves soft tissue mobilization and allows specialists to detect and treat scar tissue and other restrictions to normal physical function. The Graston Technique separates and breaks down collagen crosslinks, stretches connective tissues and muscle fibers, increases skin temperature, improves reflex changes in chronic muscle holding patterns, alters spinal reflux activity, increases circulation to and from the target area, activates rejuvenating cellular activity in fibroblasts and mast cells and improves histamine response.

Ontario Chiropractor Offering Exclusive Laser Therapy Options for Area Patients

LogoHarwood Chiropractic in Ajax, Ontario is offering exclusive access to two advanced laser therapy systems offered nowhere else in the area. Patients setting appointments at Harwood can take advantage of these new technologies following an initial consultation to determine which system is the right fit for specific conditions. As with any procedure it’s imperative to first consult the specialists at Harwood before moving forward with any treatment. Their professional guidance is the first step towards achieving ultimate health goals and finding relief from irritating pain symptoms. Laser therapy is a contemporary way to treat a variety of symptoms, from sports injuries to soft tissue trauma as well as tears and skin conditions. Back pain, arthritis and some wounds are also excellent candidate scenarios for laser treatment.

Ajax Chiropractors at Harwood Chiropractic Centre Launches Personal Health and Wellness Initiative

LogoHarwood Chiropractic Centre in Ajax, Ontario, is promoting a targeted wellness program to better address an individual’s health and wellness needs. They take a personal approach to chiropractic treatment and holistic medicine to help patients achieve long term health. Harwood Chiropractic invites new patients to come in for a personal wellness exam and work with the staff on a plan for sustainable health.