Healthy Pets Veterinary Care

Healthy Pets Veterinary Care Offers Dental Care and Pet Wellness Services

LogoWhen pet owners in Boca Raton, FL go in search of the best vet for their pets, they look no further than the Healthy Pets Veterinary Care. The staff at Healthy Pets focus on creating a happy, and fear-free environment for animals and their owners. Being animal lovers, they truly believe that cats and dogs deserve the best quality care. Whether it's a pet's first visit to the vet or a call for urgent care, Healthy Pets is there to support all their clients. Healthy Pets Veterinary Care offers superb dental care and pet wellness plans to help keep your loved one healthy and happy.

Healthy Pets Veterinary Care Announces Emergency Services for Pets in Need

LogoWhen pet owners go looking for that special mix of compassion and expertise, they find Healthy Pets Veterinary Care. As the best vet in all of Boca Raton, FL, their trained team and veterinarians bring the highest quality of care to the cats and dogs that they treat. It is their belief that veterinary visits should be as stress-free, and as fun as possible—for owners and their pets. Open from 8-6, Healthy Pets Veterinary Care is offering its emergency services to pets in need of urgent care.

Florida Residents Can Turn to the Compassionate Staff at Healthy Pets Veterinary Care when It's Time to Spay or Neuter Their Pets

LogoWhen the time comes for a pet to undergo a spay or neuter surgery, Florida residents can turn to the compassionate and experienced staff at Healthy Pets Veterinary Care. Pet owners want the very best for their animals, and the veterinarians at Healthy Pets treat their furry clients as if they were their own. Comfort and safety are of the utmost importance to the veterinarians at Healthy Pets, so they carefully monitor every animal's heart rate and oxygen levels throughout the entire procedure.

Healthy Pets Veterinary Care Advocates for Preventative Medicine

LogoAlong the coasts of Boca Raton, FL, there are few veterinarians as excited by the sight of cats and dogs as Dr. Nikki Mazzaschi and Dr. Jay Katz of Healthy Pets Veterinary Care. As they say, pets are family to them. It is this principle that guides them in how they serve their communities and every pet who enters their hospital. By focusing on the health and comfort of the cats and dogs they treat, they've started advocating for preventative care and medicine for their patients' pets.

Healthy Pets Veterinary Care Rated 5.0 on Their Facebook Page After Receiving Numerous Stellar Reviews

LogoHealthy Pets Veterinary Care, a veterinary hospital serving Boca Raton and its surrounding areas, has been given a 5.0 rating on their Facebook page after receiving numerous stellar reviews on their pet care services. Pet owners from around the area have commended Healthy Pets for their welcoming atmosphere, compassionate staff, and overall care and concern for the animals they care for.

Healthy Pets Veterinary Care Announces They Are Under New Ownership

LogoHealthy Pets Veterinary Care is pleased to announce that they are now under new ownership. This new and improved veterinary clinic strives to exceed owner's expectations with high-quality preventative care, full-service dental care, laser therapy, grooming, house calls, and all types of surgical procedures. Pet owners in search of a passionate, caring, and loving environment for their furry family members should look no further than Healthy Pets Veterinary Care.