Heloise Jones

Heloise Jones Empowers Authors to Sustain Creative Freedom

LogoHeloise Jones is an author, speaker, and mentor for creatives. She's truly a shift agent who's always been involved in the arts and is passionate about engaging with people through writing. That passion led her to develop a series of programs to help other writers and authors to find their own unique voices and understand that feeling stuck is part of the journey, but it must not necessarily be a "Writer's Block".

Need Help to Put Writer's Block in the Past? Find the Answers to Push Past That Misconception and Start Creating Again

LogoThe Writer's Block Myth: A Guide To Get Past Stuck & Experience Lasting Creative Freedom is a practical and inspirational guide for the seasoned writer or new to the page, and holds the keys to get past stuck, complete goals, feed the creative soul, and help experience lasting creative freedom for writers.