Hendrikka Waage

Hendrikka Waage Offers an Exclusive Collection of Necklaces in a Variety of Designs

LogoHendrikka Waage, an internationally recognised Icelandic jewellery designer, offers an amazing collection of necklaces that many women simply love to own. Each of her necklace pieces is 'personality-enhancing' and captures the diverse and distinct tastes of women. All of her necklaces are ideal choice for women to flaunt their sense of style and individuality, while striking the perfect balance between traditional aesthetic and modern outlook. Hendrikka Waage's necklace collection is comfortable to wear and can never go out of style.

Hendrikka Waage Creates Timeless Jewellery with a Strong Icelandic Influence

LogoHendrikka Waage, Iceland's first international jewellery designer, designs and offers a luxurious and exquisite collection of jewellery, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, with a strong Icelandic influence. Designed for the sophisticated, elegant, and modern women, her jewellery collection has both timeless and alluring designs in sterling silver with zirconia stones and gold with precious stones. Hendrikka Waage's jewellery pieces are highly distinctive and opulent, drawing inspiration from nature and exotic world cultures, including her own Icelandic heritage. Her jewellery collection embodies a sensual elegance as well as an intellectual fascination that attracts sophisticated clientele around the world.