Recent Study Reveals: YouTube Remains the Leading Go-to Source of Valuable Video Content Despite Facebook's Move to Video-Sharing

LogoYouTube is one of the leading video-sharing website today that allows site users to upload, share and view videos that can be viewed worldwide. Most of the video contents found in YouTube are uploaded by individuals while big corporations like the CBS, the BBC, Vevo, and Hulu are in a partnership program with Youtube. The videos in this website are free to view and are usually supported by advertisement. Though YouTube has been dominating the World Wide Web ever since it was established by three former Paypal employees, there's still a reason why YouTube should not be too complacent with its success. And that's the emergence of Facebook as the new go-to native video uploads and sharing site.

Boosting Video Rankings with Paid Media and Creating Valuable Video Content: The Key to Reach the Target Market

LogoAside from the feisty and highly entertaining halftime performances by Katy Perry as she begins her performance while riding in a gigantic metal lion, followed by a colorful beach setting with sharks, palm trees and beach balls dancing, to her final and closing number with the uplifting anthem 'Firework'. Super Bowl Sunday this year had once again charmed many viewers with numerous latest commercial ads and movie trailers to anticipate.

Raising Video Promotion to a New Level: Adapting and Adopting Latest Trends of Video Advertising for 2015

LogoIf there are essential ideas that every marketer and small businesses should consider for the best 2015 investment plans for a better video marketing strategy to achieve a favorable ROI; that is not to solely rely on organic reach to make a symbolic impact in the targeted market but to include paid media to bring in a very promising conversion than organic media can do.

Hipviews' Take on YouTube Views as a Barometer to Stardom: What It Takes to Make It on the Charts

LogoThe perks of having YouTube in sharing, marketing, or promoting home-made and company-produced videos that discuss various topics relevant to the interest of the audiences, have attracted various people to go online in hopes that this video-sharing website would be their stairway to stardom through a number of 'views' as the basis from being merely popular to becoming a household name.

HIPVIEWS Shares Helpful Insights About the Use of Video Content Materials in Promoting Brands

LogoAttracting quality leads via several social media marketing efforts is not easy. Strategic implementation of social media efforts can bring in innumerable results no one can certainly imagine. Boosting social lead conversions is not an easy task though. One way to do it is via the use of video content marketing.