Holistic Dental Center NJ

Holistic Dental Center New Jersey's Biological Dentistry Approach

LogoHolistic Dental Center New Jersey takes a biological dentistry approach with its patients. Biological dentistry is not a novel method of dental practice. It is more in line with a principle that can relate to dentistry as well as it does to health care: finding a healthy, non-toxic treatment approach.

Restore Healthy Gums with the LANAP Protocol

LogoA compromised immune system can significantly increase the chances of becoming infected with COVID-19. People with cardiovascular disease also have an increased risk and gum disease can exacerbate these risks. Treating gum disease will help strengthen the immune system and LANAP may help.

Holistic Dental Center New Jersey Announces New Health Protocols

LogoAs of June 1, Holistic Dental Center New Jersey will be opening for all procedures and has made many positive changes in the practice to keep patients healthy and safe. As a holistic practice, toxic chemicals and new procedures have been implemented to ensure a healthy environment that follows all regulations.

Holistic Dental Center Provides Coronavirus Health Guidance

LogoAs the COIVD-19 or coronavirus continues to spread, many may be wondering what they can do beyond social distancing and practicing proper hygiene. Holistic Dental Center takes the health and welfare of its patients seriously and it is dedicated to practicing all CDC and OSHA standards of infection control, as it has done in the past.