Customer Service: Home-Security-Plus Strives to Be the Best

LogoHome-Security-Plus, a home and business surveillance company, is notable for their high quality customer care. They provide experienced home alarm system and video security system set up as well as engaging customers in complex troubleshooting.

GPS Monitoring Devices Now Available at Home-Security-Plus.com

LogoHome-Security-Plus.com, the trusted source for home alarm systems needs, now offers clients GPS monitoring devices that can be discreetly placed into nearly any vehicle. Similar GPS devices are used by the FBI, police and military to keep track of important vehicles at all times. Now with Home-Security-Plus.com these same models are available to general consumers. Clients will be able to find professional data logger GPS trackers and real-time GPS tracking devises for a variety of security needs.

Home-Security-Plus.com Offers GPS Tracking Devices

LogoHome-Security-Plus.com, one of the internet’s top providers of home alarm systems, has recently added GPS tracking devices to their already expansive catalog of products and services. This is a significant offering to both existing and new clients of the company’s security and alarm monitoring services, as it gives the ability to monitor security assets from wherever they may happen to be in the world.

Home Security Plus Invites Customers to Check out Their New Closeout Section

LogoA leader in home security systems, Home Security Plus is now pleased to save their customers even more money on quality security products with their new Closeout section. This section of their website will feature great deals on a variety of products.

Home Security Plus Offers New Spy Gadgets

LogoHome security and alarm specialists Home-Security-Plus.com have released their exciting new range of home security Spy Gadgets, which include a variety of new features designed to track, secure and offer piece of mind for the things in your life you hold dear. Features include; motion activation software, that will automatically switch on the camera when any sense of motion is detected, logger GPS technology that provides location, speed and time using Google Maps, cell phone recon software that allows you to monitor all your activities on a cell phone including logging incoming/outgoing calls and text messages and IR LED for night vision. Furthermore, current home security camera systems have been improved with digital wireless interfaces.

Home Security Plus Features Professional-Grade Digital Recorders

LogoA leader in the home security system industry, Home Security Plus features many quality video and alarm products, including their professional-grade digital video recorders. These recorders are the perfect addition to any video surveillance system.

Home Security Plus Announces Installation Services

LogoHome Security Plus, a premier retailer of home and commercial security systems, is proud to announce that it will be partnering with Field Solutions to offer CCTV installation services, all across the United States. In most areas, customers will be able to find local technicians to help them install their purchased security equipment.

GPS Technology Continues to Advance: Now More Personal and Commercial Options

LogoHome-Security-Plus.com, a leading online distributor of business and personal security equipment, offers a range of advanced GPS tracking systems available for individuals or businesses. In recent years, the capabilities of GPS technology have grown enormously, offering more precise tracking functionality and better remote data delivery. The systems offered by Home-Security-Plus.com are easy-to-use, budget-friendly and highly accurate.

Home-Security-Plus.Com Offers Home Alarm Systems at Exceptional Rates

LogoHome-Security-Plus.com specializes in home alarm systems that are affordable and secure. Home-Security-Plus.com provides complete security protection from a UL listed monitoring station, with facilities in the Central USA and East Coast providing system redundancy in the event of a disaster. Each home alarm system customer has a dedicated, licensed home alarm system professional assigned to the account to provide expert advice. Home-Security-Plus.com is able to provide these personalized services at up to 50 percent lower than many national alarm conglomerates.

Providing Video Verification System for Homeowners and Businesses

LogoRespected leaders in the security surveillance industry, Home-Security-Plus.com is making available its Video Verified Alarm Monitoring system for home and business. Video Verified Alarm Monitoring involves a system of wireless security devices set up around the premises that can detect and record the presence of unauthorized persons; the information is instantly transmitted to a 24/7 monitoring station, which then dispatches a responder to investigate. This surveillance system can be installed in one of two ways, either with dedicated equipment provided and installed by Home-Security-Plus.com, or by augmenting a client’s existing security system and ensuring its compatibility with the company’s off-site monitoring stations. Customers can choose traditional alarm monitoring or alarm monitoring that is augmented with visual verification.