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With the Examination boards becoming more and more stringent, not to talk of the rat race and cut throat competition, students are finding ways and means to keep up with it all. Tuition bureaus are packed with all kinds of students and charge a bomb for a per hour session, where as all the students want is “Do my homework”. School teachers do not have the time and willingness to help these kids. They are mostly finishing the syllabus without giving specific time for each one. Where do the students turn to in such a situation? How do they complete the ever increasing curriculum at hand and show great results? They want somebody who will just “do my course”.

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Performing homework assignment is the most difficult thing faced by people during their young days as students. Kids used to bribe their fellow classmates, siblings, friends, to do their homework. In today’s times, students who are busy with other commitments or part-time jobs at times fail to do their homework on time, thus affecting their grades and percentage.

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Current education system is now highly focusing on home works for improving the student’s skill. The teachers use to take advantage of this approach and dump their workloads on students in the name of giving home works. They just give the explanation in class rooms and force the students to figure out by their own. This brings too much of pressure on students and average students struggles a lot without proper guidance. For those who feel too stressful, internet provides the best solution by providing personal help from the expertise scholars.