Honey Cloudz

Bra Insert Pads Finally Stay Put with Honey Cloudz

LogoSources report that the women's lingerie market is valued at over nine billion dollars and growing fast (*). With this much money in the market it is hard to defend the typical flimsy, beige, bra insert pads that shift, flip and crumble up in a ball. Women have needed something better for a long time overdue. Bra pads are worn for 4 main reasons; nipple coverage, lightweight shaping, a bra fill-in due to weight loss, gravity, post-breast feeding and to balance out 2 different sized breasts which includes 40% of all women. This is where Honey Cloudz solved the problem. With a patented medical grade honeycomb silicone structure on the exterior, Honey Cloudz bra inserts stay in place throughout a workout, pool or beach time or your busiest day running around. This prevents a variety of awkward situations from the inserts flipping and shifting and eliminates frustration of constantly having to fix them. Women everywhere will no longer have to worry if their bra pads have shifted around, constantly fix them back into place or pick up crumbled inserts from the bottom of the washing machine.