Hop Step Jump Energy Bars

Try a Hop Step Jump Bar for Free Today

LogoWith Hop Step Jump's free trial offer, customers can sample all three of the Hop Step Jump Energy Bars without having to leave home to go to the store. Customers will receive thirty bars consisting of ten Hop bars, ten Step bars, and ten Jump bars. These bars will be automatically shipped to customers each month so that they don't need to worry about reordering a new supply when they're beginning to run low. Customers enjoy a hassle-free experience with 10% off in addition to fantastic exclusive offers.

Hop Step Jump Supports Honeybees

LogoHop Step Jump believes it's our job to not only improve people's health but the health of our environment as well. We want to give back to the honey bee population. They pollinate 80 percent of crops that constitute one-third of the food we enjoy. Unfortunately, their numbers are dwindling due to intense agricultural practices and the increased use of pesticides.

Hop Step Makes a Successful Debut at the Life Extension Center

LogoThe Life Extension event was aimed at company employees as a means to improve their awareness regarding adopting healthier living habits and resources. Hop Step Jump participated in the event as a new vendor, handing out samples of its three nutritious energy bars to Life Extension's 125 employees. Since participating in the event, Hop Step Jump has been asked to participate in Life Extension's wellness programs at the corporate offices.