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Capture Your Luxurious Christmas Engagement in Print

LogoChristmas is a time to remember, and many couples are looking for the perfect way to announce their new engagement to their families and friends. There is now a unique and elegant way to make phenomenal engagement memories that will last a lifetime. One fabulous new way to do just that is by participating in a lavish jet-setter package that includes being chauffeured around either romantic San Francisco, New York or the amazing Beverly Hills.

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine Launches 'An Elegant Christmas' 2012 Campaign with Love Letters

LogoHopelessly Romantic Magazine's Christmas collection is called “A Love Letters Christmas.” One-of-a-kind designs accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. "An eloquently written letter is a powerful way to communicate and it makes a unique gift", says Victoria Napolitano publisher of Hopelessly Romantic Magazine

Luxury San Francisco Magazine Publisher Caters to the Visually Impaired This Christmas Season

LogoView Our Online Magazine Now Christmas is the one holiday that people anticipate with excitement and desire to remember for years to come. It is not uncommon to take tons of photographs and videos in an attempt to capture those special moments to reminisce over again and again. However; more often than not, the photographs get shoved in a box and the story that goes along with them never gets told. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. One of the newest trends in capturing those Christmas memories is having a personalized magazine developed that includes favorite pictures and the fabulous stories that go along with them.