Create Customizable Pricing Table with HostRider Plugin

LogoWhile some online business focus on selling commodities, others specialize in selling services. For a site whose sole purpose is to sell a service online, pricing tables that clearly lay out all the plans and packages on offer are vital. That said, although many digital marketing firms offer pricing table plugins and templates, none of them offer the freedom of customization to the extent HostRider does.

Fast Website Page Speed with WordPress Plugin

LogoE-commerce websites that are buggy and take a lot of time to load pages can negatively impact the sales of the products/services it intends to sell. This can lead to the need to overhaul all the pages of the website, which can be very time consuming as well as expensive. However, websites need not go through that trouble anymore if they install HostRider's WordPress Plugin.

Business Appointment Mobile Application Theme on Framework7

LogoE-commerce business is of various kinds – there's retail, beauty, intangible services and much more. One of the newer types that has been cropping up lately though is medical. One can get doctor's appointments made online and even engage in online medical consultations. It is for such online businesses that HostRider has come up with its BizTrendz mobile application theme.

HostRider Is World Leading Company in Provide Cheap Hosting Servers

LogoEvery website, whether an e-commerce one or not, needs hosting servers in order to manage its huge database. Managing this database although can prove to be expensive as web hosting agencies generally charge hefty yearly prices for its services. Unfortunately, not all websites can afford coughing up that amount. For those that can't, HostRider's web hosting services offer an inexpensive solution.

Rusty Car Mobile Theme on Framework7

LogoIn a business, nothing matters more than being able to sell the product successfully. The same holds true for e-commerce businesses, particularly those that focus on selling used cars as presenting them in an attractive manner can prove to be a challenge. However, it won't be a challenge anymore as HostRider provides a beautiful mobile theme for used cars known as Rusty Cars.

Wedding Mobile Theme for Android and Apple App Store

LogoFinding the perfect theme for a wedding mobile app is probably one of the hardest tasks businesses have to undertake. Considering today's competitive atmosphere, the design provided by theme has to be beautiful and classy at the same time as well as customizable and user friendly. Fortunately, HostRider provides a wedding mobile theme that fulfils every single criteria that online wedding businesses need.

Download Free WordPress Pricing Tables

LogoPlenty of online services these days offer a price comparison so buyers can get a quick glance through the different packages on offer and choose the one that best suits best their needs. Without this essential feature, the packages offered by particular service can be very hard to demonstrate. Unfortunately, most of these WordPress pricing table plugins come at a price but not the one offered by HostRider.

First Choice for Every eCommerce Business Is WooCommerce Platform

LogoFor those who are in the e-commerce business, WooCommerce is an extremely familiar term. It is an open-source plugin made for online businesses designed on WordPress. Now it turns out that this open-source plugin is actually the most preferred platform among e-commerce businesses all across the globe.

Google Still Give Top Search Rankings to Authority Backlinks Websites

LogoOnline brands and business take notice. To make a stronger online presence and to increase traffic to their websites, the safest and smartest way is to backlink their sites with authoritative links. Google still prioritizes that and gives the topmost search rankings to only those websites that do so.

Big Brands Are Marketing Their Products Worldwide with Traffic Booster

LogoMajor brands worldwide have been using HostRider Traffic Booster service to increase the traffic on their website and ensure higher returns on investments (ROI) on their products. HostRider Traffic Booster service, in fact, is one of their most popular services as most brands rely on it to gain strong marketing for their products.