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Great Success With Map Based Web Development for Hunka Web Solutions

Google maps offered a unique platform for end users to get all the geographical related information at the finger tips, it opened up a huge area for development of map based application, websites and tools. Developers at Hunka Web Solutions were equally influenced by the huge potential presented by this techno-functional domain. They started working from the beginning, when Google opened up its APIs for developers. With now 2 years of experience of working in Google based application on web based platform, this company has moved into iphone platform and created an interesting application.

Stupendous Success for Mobile Application Development by Hunka Web Solutions

Hunka Web Solutions ventured into the mobile application development sphere with its unique combination of great technical team and creative insights from the best in the organization. The iphone application development platform was chosen to start with and in less than 4 weeks their team came up with a location organizer application. Their application combined the traditional strength of Hunka Web Solutions, that is map based application and brought that into iphone platform. The application with a very user friendly interface, coupled with a great functionality has now being offered to the customers at Apple “app store”.

Do You Know the Importance Of SEO for an On-line Businesses?

HUNKA Web Solutions views search engine optimization as a part of your overall search engine marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website at the lowest possible cost.