I-20 Animal Medical Center

One Place for All Rescue Groups, I-20 Animal Medical Center Gathering Multiple Listings for Rescued Dogs and Cats for Adoption

LogoThere are hundreds of pets that currently are or have been homeless at any time in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Some abandoned, some from homes where the owner has died, some with owners who have lost jobs and simply cannot afford to feed an extra mouth. Regardless of reason or condition, these animals are in dire need of a new home. Arlington Animal Vet I-20 Animal Medical Center has heeded the call, helping these rescued pets find good homes launching a Facebook ad campaign to help bring attention to these pets finding a permanent place to stay.

In the Wake of the Recent Outbreak of Rabies Infections in the Fort Worth Area, I-20 Animal Medical Center Advises Caution for Pets and Their Owners

LogoAs of July 2013, the Texas Department of State Health Services has reported a total of 377 cases of positive rabies (mostly in the North Central Texas area) including animals such as foxes, dogs, cows, cats, bats, goats, horses, raccoons, and skunks. Recently, it’s been reported that five people located within the upscale Dallas-Fort Worth area are receiving treatment for having contracted Rabies from a dog that was tested positive. All stemming from the same dog, 3 of the victims were bitten whereas the other two became exposed through other means of contact. It is believed that the dog may have been infected from other stray cats found in the neighborhood.

After Treating Several Canine Victims of Snakebites Recently, I-20 Animal Medical Center Advises Owners to Be on the Alert for Poisonous Snakes

LogoIn Cedar Hill, a couple had set out on a trail in an area they have hiked for years. Their beloved dog, Diamond, not one to stay at home on the couch, accompanied them on their adventure. Along the way, the group discovered an old, abandoned cabin. The man peered through the windows on one side of the small shack, while his wife was opening the door on the other side. Suddenly he had heard a scream. Rushing to his wife’s side, he froze as he saw her standing within two feet of a rattlesnake coiled to strike.