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IT Service Solutions to Increase Business Efficiency

LogoAll companies which want to develop their business use advanced technologies. Digital technologies are rapidly developing, and today there is nothing unusual about augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and other smart areas. Information volumes are growing, companies are searching for ways to adapt to changes, not only revising the set of services they provide to their customers but also transforming internal processes, making them more mobile, dynamic, and innovative.

Organized Power of Nature. The Experience of Internal Environmental Initiatives in ICL Services

LogoUntil 2012, Russia's environmental movement had been spontaneous. In 2012, the government increased the priority of environmental issues by publishing "Foundations of Government Policy in the Sphere of Environmental Development of the Russian Federation to 2030". This emphasized the environmental contribution of government bodies, environmental organizations, societies and companies.

How to Build CSR Processes if You Are Not Nestle

LogoTransnational corporations (Fujitsu, Nestle, etc.) build their businesses based on corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles: They create clear policies, apply them in production and monitor conformity, Why? Possibly, because "business can only flourish in societies in which human rights are respected, upheld and advanced" (Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever).

Charity During the Crisis: ICL Services Study Case

LogoAccording to Zircon research group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Donors Forum and CAF Russia, corporate benefactors have felt the full extent of the economic crisis. About half of all surveyed companies reduced their budgets, some even stopped supporting charitable non-profit organizations and do not participate in charity events.

A Magic Pill LEAN Practices in ICL Services

LogoDo you have a "magic pill" that improves the performance of your team?

How to Create Work Processes That Your Employees Will Like

LogoIn any company, the necessary minimum for work processes is compliance with the labor code. But a company needs much more than that to attract high-skilled employees.