Ignited Deals

Newly Launched Candle Alternative from Ignited Deals Spurs Acclaim

Amazon customers have left outstanding feedback for retailer Ignited Deals, a Fort Worth-based family owned and operated small business. The home goods company recently launched their flagship product, a 24 count set of LED flameless tealight candles, and customers have left excellent feedback.

Ignited Deals Announces Pinterest Profile

Premier online home goods retailer Ignited Deals has announced the launch of a Pinterest profile. The company will utilize this social media profile to reach fans and friends around the world. While various businesses utilize social media to promote their brands, Ignited Deals strives to reach fans with an array of fun and educational content.

Experts Offer Warnings Regarding Traditional Candles, Ignited Deals Delivers Alternatives

Candles have been found to release toxic chemicals into the air, but a new alternative provides a realistic solution.