ILI Travel

Groups Should Sign Up Now for a Spring 2019 Service Learning Trip with ILI Travel

ILI Travel is currently working with local groups in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to schedule service learning trips for this upcoming spring. This experience is an ideal choice for school groups hoping to gain valuable life experience, Spanish learners wishing to immerse themselves in the language, and other people who would like to truly contribute to a community while gaining a deeper understanding of the issues faced by local people.

ILI Travel Offers a Service Learning Experience with a Focus on Sustainability

ILI Travel seeks to widen the worldview of students who participate in their service learning programs while never losing focus on the ultimate goal of their trips: helping the communities they serve. This company strives to support the economic, educational, and environmental sustainability of the developing nations their groups visit.

ILI Travel Makes It Easy for Student Groups to Volunteer Abroad

ILI Travel organizes seven-day service learning trips that offer a powerful experience for student groups. This company runs volunteer abroad trips to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, and Native American reservations.