Ilya Nikitin

Akado Launches New Service - Russian Online Reputation Management

Akado, a Finland based company and a renowned name when it comes to SEO and online marketing, today announced the launch of their new service -Russian Online Reputation Management. With the same, the company would aid the clients in marketing new products in the Russian social media and increase brand awareness resulting in improved brand image and higher sales in turn. Some of the areas of work constituting the service include social networks, blogs, forums and video hosting among others.

Akado Oy Now Offering Search Engine Optimization for Yandex

The Russian internet audience is 61 million, the largest in Europe, which explains the huge demand in SEO for Yandex. Now, Finnish company, Akado Oy, offers SEO services for both Russian-speaking and non-Russian companies to reach the lucrative and rapidly growing Russian market.