ImageFIRST - South Carolina

An ImageFIRST Gown Makes a Cameo in the Backfield

ImageFIRST South Carolina provides healthcare facility laundry services for scrubs, gowns, sheets, and nurses uniforms in Charleston, SC as well as its surrounding areas. With their quality lines of medical gowns and linens, ImageFIRST South Carolina provides the paramount feel and durability to better serve patients. For that reason, it's no surprise that an NFL superstar was recently filmed wearing one of ImageFIRST's own gowns.

ImageFIRST South Carolina Announces Availability of an Instant Quote for Medical Waste Services

As per state legislation, all healthcare facilities are responsible for any and all medical waste they create; this includes properly packaging and labeling waste as well as disposing of it safely. The guidelines for the disposal of medical waste are complicated and making an effort to understand them can be time-consuming. The complicated nature and specificity of this service has led to some overcharging on low-service contracts. That's why ImageFIRST South Carolina, a leading provider of healthcare products and services from linen and patient gowns to scrubs and medical uniforms has created a high-quality and competitively priced medical waste disposal service.

ImageFIRST South Carolina Announces Bright White Standard

Recent studies suggest that the overall patient experience, which includes everything from facility appearance to received treatment, is becoming increasingly important in patients' decisions on where to get treated. In this more and more competitive market, many healthcare providers have made improving the patient experience high on their list of priorities. With this in mind, ImageFIRST South Carolina, a leading provider of healthcare products like scrubs, patient gowns and healthcare bed linen and blankets in Charleston, SC, has developed a variety of products and services designed specifically to help improve the patient experience.

ImageFIRST Approach to the Customer Experience Featured in the DiJulius Group Blog

John DiJulius, the founder of the DiJulius Group, is an international customer experience consultant who has worked with companies such as the Ritz-Carlton, Lexus, Starbucks and Marriott Hotel. He also teaches and has written several best-selling books about customer service and the importance of the customer experience. Recently, ImageFIRST was honored to have John DiJulius discuss in his company blog the comprehensive and personalized approach to customer service that the company provides.

Violet the Cow Revealed as the ImageFIRST South Carolina Mascot

The word "remarkable" is used to describe something worthy of notice or attention; unusual, striking or extraordinary. As the largest and fastest growing healthcare laundry service company, ImageFIRST South Carolina is remarkable because they focus on understanding the unique challenges of every client and going above and beyond to find the right solutions for those needs. Their wide range of high-quality services and products, outstanding customer communication and reliability make them stand out from their competition, which is why ImageFIRST South Carolina is excited to reveal Violet the Cow as their mascot.

ImageFIRST South Carolina Praised by Clientele for Medical Waste Disposal Services

ImageFIRST South Carolina provides services for the areas around Greenville, Spartanburg and Columbia, NC. The company understands that the health of an outpatient facility in its entirety, including staff, patients and visitors, is dependent on thorough cleaning practices and effective removal of medical waste. They are proud to announce testimonials displaying high praise from their clientele for their medical waste disposal service, which is backed by decades of experience in service.