Florida Cosmetic Surgeon Offers Combination Facelift and Laser Lyte Tightening

LogoTampa, Florida cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rich Castellano of ImageLift® plastic surgery center is offering in-office facelifts in conjunction with Laser Lyte skin tightening to achieve a balanced, overall beautification of the face and neck. The combination of advanced ImageLift facelift and Laser Lyte skin tightening procedures create a healthy, youthful vibrancy that reveals the true beauty of each patient’s face beneath years of wrinkles, sagging skin, eyelid creasing and flabby jowls. The latest technology is used by Dr. Castellano to perform the ImageLift facelift in three different degrees, small, medium and large, depending on the results of the initial consultation and the desired outcome of each patient. Dr. Castellano and his ImageLift physicians exclusively developed this advanced technique that has resulted in thousands of satisfied patients.

ImageLift to Become National Center for Excellence and Training in Long-Lasting Wrinkle Filler Procedure

LogoImageLift, a cosmetic surgery clinic in Tampa, Florida, is in the process of becoming a national center for excellence and training in the Artefill® facial filler procedure. Artefill® is the only FDA-approved filler for smile lines that does not break down and become absorbed back into the body over time. That makes it one of the longest-lasting non-surgical methods to be proven effective in treating wrinkles around the mouth. The double-board certified cosmetic surgeons at ImageLift are experts both in performing and teaching the Artefill® procedure.

ImageLift Publishes Examination of Laser Lipolysis Benefits and Ideal Candidates

LogoDr. Rich Castellano of ImageLift, Tampa cosmetic surgery practice, has published a casual discussion of the pros and cons of laser lipolysis and what type of patient may best benefit from the procedure. ImageLift’s laser lipolysis treatment is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure which tightens the sagging skin of the patient’s neck and facial areas. Laser lipolysis occurs when laser light is used to create a tightening underneath the skin surface. This treatment is highly effective at eliminating the unsightly fatty tissues which cause a loosening and sagging of the skin in these target areas. Among the newest innovations in facial plastic surgery, laser lipolysis does not require post-treatment stitches, since there is no scalpel used at all. The nature and minimal-invasiveness of the treatment often results in same-day release and return to normal activity for the patient.