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Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers Reportedly Face Stiff Competition with Unbeatable Features from Major Brands

Recent developments have witnessed a major rise in demand for Bluetooth speakers with the more and more electronics going wireless. The latest upgraded versions include optimized power strips with the help of the integrated rechargeable battery.

Rising Demand for Electric Toothbrush in Emerging Markets Encourage More Manufacturing

It has been reported that electric toothbrushes are one of the few products that have been able to post a global volume CAGR of 4 % from the year 2009 onwards. Out of this, 79 % of the global absolute volume growth has been seen in the Western European countries.

Long-Term Health Hazard Threats Trigger Nurses to Invest in Better Quality Shoes Despite Price Concerns

It is reported that retired nurses end up with long term joint pains and other physical side effects due to more than 12 hours of constantly moving feet every day. Statistics on professional occupation records also show that nurses deal with several hazards on a daily basis like spilled liquids on floors, fast moving stretchers, short stairs, etc.

New Collection of Stylish Shopping Bags from Twin Set Unveiled at Brio Online Store

Online Italian boutique Brio has recently launched a new collection of shopping bags from the well-known brand Twin Set by Simona Barbieri. It may be revealed that most of the bags from the new addition are made of durable fabric like polyester, polypropylene, and good quality leather.

Leading Dog Training Centre in Cleveland Rises to Fame with Special Humane Training Methods

It is reported that the Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB) has been set up with the concern for more humane methods to train dogs. The accreditation has been specifically designed for professional canine training technicians.

Ottica SM Unveils a New Collection of Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men and Women

Adding to their already wide catalog of premium sunglasses and eyewear, Italian online optical store Ottica SM has recently unveiled a number of exotic sunglasses from one of the most popular eyewear brand, Ray-Ban. According to information gained from one of the store's representatives the new arrival in Ray-Ban sunglasses feature metal frames as well as plastic frames.

New Series of LucidControl USB IO Systems Launched for Sale at

In a recent announcement from the website is pleased to bring a new series of LucidControl USB IO systems which will be available for sale. According to sources among the newly added products include both USB digital input/output and analog digital/analog. These devices are meant to turn the computer with LucidControl plug and play IO modules within minutes into a powerful data, acquisition, monitoring, and control system.

New Range of Steampunk Unisex Hats Unveiled at Victorian Foundry

In a recent announcement made by online shopping site Victorian Foundry, shoppers can now choose from a new range of steampunk unisex hats to complete their Victorian look. It may be pointed out that Victorian Foundry has been dedicated to offering the newest and the best quality steampunk fashion to online shoppers with an aim to revive the fashion trend. Unveils the Newest Walmart Eye Examination Costs

With the objective to offer all the updated prices and fees of eye examinations and tests, online site has recently unveiled the latest eye examination costs of the Walmart Vision Centers located across the country. It may be revealed that the Walmart Vision Centers are a subsidiary or branches of Walmart, the American multinational retail giant.

New Collection of Persol Sunglasses for Men Unveiled at Ottica SM Online Store

With an aim to offer shoppers more choices when it comes to sunglasses for men, online optical store Ottica SM has recently unveiled a new range of men's sunglasses from the Italian brand Persol. It may be revealed that the store will be offering the new eyewear collection at discounted rates for a short period of time.