IMMLA: ETH Falling Gives a Possibility to Invest in Alt Tokens

Anyone following the cryptocurrency market over the past few months has seen the impressive rise and pretty striking fall of the Ether price. For the month from June 17 to July 17 there was a Eth/$ rate reduction of 55%. The reason for this decline is quite significant sales in order to withdraw fiat money from newly completed ICOs.

Blockchain Multimodal Forwarder IMMLA to Start First Round of ICO with 43% Upside

IMMLA, the consortium of international leading logistic and IT companies, including SBSolutions, Formag Fowarding, and experts from Hellman Worldwide Logistics, announced today the start of the first round of ICO.

IMMLA to Surpass Biggest Freight Carrier in Blockchain-Based Services

On 12th of July IMMLA announced the launch date of the blockchain-based online service for contracting the delivery of cargo. According to IMMLA management's estimations, the service's launch into the market will happen earlier than that of one of the biggest freight carrier's services based on blockchain.