Independence Plumbing & Bath

Independence Plumbing & Bath Installs High-Quality Ceramic Showers

For elite bathroom remodeling in Akron, OH, and its surrounding areas, homeowners turn to Independence Plumbing & Bath, who specializes in the installation of ceramic tile showers. Custom tile showers, tubs, and floors can add a stylish flair to any bathroom remodeling job. Their experienced staff carefully listens to their customers' requests to ensure customer satisfaction upon proposing different solutions.

Independence Plumbing & Bath Taking New Customers Interested in Bathroom Remodeling

Homeowners who've been looking to renovate their bathrooms will be pleased to know that Independence Plumbing & Bath is now taking on new customers looking to redesign their bathrooms.

Independence Plumbing & Bath Offers 5-Day Bathroom Remodel

Independence Plumbing & Bath offers expert-level bathroom remodeling services in and around Akron, OH. In fact, they can remodel an entire bathroom in only five days. This full-service, single source remodeling company does not utilize subcontractors like their competitors. That means they can work more efficiently, in turn, providing the customer with faster service.

Independence Plumbing & Bath Offers Top-Notch Shower Remodeling and Installation Services

Independence Plumbing & Bath, a leading bathroom remodeling service in Akron, OH, and the surrounding areas, offers a variety of high-quality products and services, including shower installation and remodeling.

Independence Plumbing & Bath Offers Quick Remodeling Results

Independence Plumbing & Bath, the leading bathroom remodeling company in Summit County, OH, lives up to being called the "Home of the Five-Day Bathroom Remodel" by offering their homeowners quick, impressive results.

Independence Plumbing & Bath Encourages Clients to Begin 2017 with a Remodeled Bathroom

Independence Plumbing & Bath, a leading bathroom remodeling company in Canton, OH, is encouraging residents to begin 2017 with a remodeled bathroom. This family-owned business is even offering free, no-pressure initial consultations.

Customers Turning to Independence Plumbing & Bath for Bathroom Remodeling Services

Customers are turning to Independence Plumbing & Bath for expert bathroom remodeling services at affordable prices. This company, known as the "Home of the Five-Day Bathroom Remodel," offer a variety of services including bathtub replacement for clients in the Canton, OH region.

Independence Plumbing & Bath Invites Customers to Save Money

Independence Plumbing & Bath strives to provide the best bathroom remodeling services. They are currently inviting customers to save money.

Independence Plumbing & Bath Warns Against Mold, Promotes Remodeling Services

Independence Plumbing & Bath warns homeowners against the dangers of mold in their bathtub or shower and provides a safe solution. Their bathroom remodeling services for the Canton, OH region will remove this dangerous fungus and restore bathrooms to a beautiful appearance.

Independence Plumbing & Bath Provides Quality Ceramic Tile Showers

Independence Plumbing & Bath, the top bathroom remodeling company in the Akron, OH region, specializes in the installation of ceramic tile showers.