Infinite Diam

Ordering Fully Customized Engagement Rings Now Made Possible by Patrick Saada and Galith

Patrick Saada, the popular founder of Infinite Diam, has been a leader in diamond trading and manufacturing as well as mining since 2013 when he founded his company. But thanks to his never-ending vision, customers looking for superior quality engagement rings can now order fully customized ones online through Galith, the jewelry shop he founded with his daughter.

Engagement Rings from Patrick Saada's Galith Shop Now Available for Fully Custom-Made Designs

To anyone involved in the diamond sector, Patrick Saada is a well-known name. Mr. Saada, after all, almost single-handedly formed the Infinite Diam firm, which has been one of the leading players in the mining, manufacturing, and trading of diamonds since 2013. Today, those who want uniquely-styled engagement rings can turn to Patrick Saada's Galith jewelry shop as well.

Infinite Diam, with Founder Patrick Saada at the Helm, Launches New Brand of Jewelry

Infinite Diam has already established itself as a leading player in the diamond sector with its involvement in diamond mining and manufacturing as well as diamond trading. Today, Infinite Diam has expanded its reach with the launching of new jewelry brand Galith, under the expertise of the daughter of Patrick Saada as well.

Infinite Diam, the Diamond Specialist, Launches New Online Jewelry Shop, Galith

Infinite Diam, under the vision of founder Patrick Saada, has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the years. From the mining to manufacturing to trading of diamonds, Infinite Diam has been heavily involved in the diamond industry, cementing its name with clients all over the world. Now, it has launched an online jewelry shop as well, Galith.