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Ink Cartridges Online Releases Premium Quality Compatible Toner Cartridges for the Samsung CLP680 and CLX6260 Series of Printers

Ink Cartridges Online, the ultimate online destination for printer ink cartridges, launches premium compatible toner cartridges for the Samsung CLP680 and CLX6260 Series of printers. These new toner cartridges include the CLP680 Black, CLP680 Cyan, CLP680 Magenta and CLP680 Yellow and are compatible with the CLP680 and the CLX6260 Samsung Laser Printers. With extensive in house testing prior to release Ink Cartridges Online can confirm that the above-mentioned compatible toner cartridges match the performance of the OEM in many areas including the colour gamut, fade resistance, smudge and durability and not only offer a similar printing performance but are 50 percent cheaper than the OEMs. This series of compatible toner cartridges come highly recommended to meet the quality requirements for private use as well as the demands of commercial production.