INMOTION Technologies, Co., Ltd

Fancy Self–Balancing Vehicle Competition by InMotion

InMotion is all set to launch a world carnival for fancy self balancing vehicles. The carnival is to be held at Singapore on 24th April 2016. InMotion has introduced a wide range of Sensor Controlled Vehicles based on latest technology and designs.

InMotion Technologies Introduces User Friendly SCV

Sensor Controlled Vehicle from InMotion Technologies simplifies traveling and touring through urban roads. The all new SCV is designed on the basis of latest technology to offer agility and deftness. It can ride at a maximum speed of 15 km per hour and it has a climbing angle of 15 degree. It also includes an advanced safety system.

This Company Researches and Develops the Environmentally-Friendly Sensor Controlled Vehicles

INMOTION Technologies Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise based in China is developing and offering Sensor Controlled Vehicles or SCV's and this may be an exciting news for a number of people who are environmental-conscious and who want to use such vehicles. The company says they have specialized in the research as well as development of these vehicles. They point out that a number of people including politicians, celebrities, pop stars, sports car enthusiasts and so on are already using their SCV's.

A Company That Has Specialized in the Research and Development of Sensor Controlled Vehicles

That INMOTION Technologies Co., Ltd., that is a China-based high tech enterprise, has specialized in the research and development of SCVs or Sensor Controlled Vehicles may be great news for almost everyone including politicians, celebrities, pop stars, sports car enthusiasts and so on.

InMotion Launches Electric Power Train

InMotion launches the all new self controlling SCV or Sensor Controlled Vehicle for quick and safe travel. It is smart all-electric device that can be used for touring and commuting in urban areas.