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Chill Box & Crash Kit on Amazon Gets Raves Just as the College Set Heads Back to School

LogoSuffice it to say, the Chill Box & Crash Kit is making the right kind of noise on Amazon. Respite in a box, the product's manufacturers celebrate great reviews from college students who need to amp up the volume on rest and relaxation. The Chill Box & Crash Kit does just that with a one-size-fits-all sleep mask and ten pairs of earplugs with a noise reduction rate of 32. Molded, durable, lightweight, and comfortable, the earplugs help block music, and television noise, the sounds of a dorm mate's snoring, and anything else Generation Y and Z can come up with. Pulling double duty without smudging makeup, the sleep aid/mask helps block light from all sides with soft padding and optimal comfort.