Business Mentor Murali Cherat Mentors Independent Directors for Industries

Business mentor Murali Cherat, who is an independent director, offers to assist sick companies with poor turnover. This entrepreneur and director is a subject matter expert with an experience of 30 years in the corporate world.

Murali Cherat, Interim CEO of Innores Mentoring, Turns Around Struggling Sick Companies

The news that Mr. Murali cherat, CEO of Innoresmentor has turned around sick companies may interest those who closely watch the happenings in the manufacturing industry. Murali cherat says that this is his area of specialisation as he has turned around sick companies on three different occasions. He adds that as a turnaround specialist, he has the ability to understand which area of the sick company needs attention, find out the right kind of financial support system needed to rectify it and tweak the rest of functions to make the company come out of the red and get healthier month after month. He is ready to share these three case studies so those who own a company that is sliding into red can be convinced of his capabilities.

Turnaround Is Now Easy for Struggling Manufacturing Companies in South India

Manufacturing companies all over South India that are looking for a turnaround may be interested in the news that Mr. Murali cherat, the renowned CEO of Innores Mentoring offers his expert services for the benefit of these companies. According to him, he is not only a turnaround specialist but a business mentor as well who plays that role in India's entrepreneurial and corporate landscape.