Favorite Orange County Gym, Innovative Results, Announces New Ownership

Innovative Results (IR) has built a reputation as the household name for fitness results in Orange County. This gym has been known for fun, functional, and forward-thinking group training sessions. A long-time Innovative Results client, Harrel Carman, is now the new owner. Carman himself has a background in the fitness industry and has managed and owned several successful businesses.

Active Conditioning Class a Hit for Innovative Results Gym

Fitness trends come and go but being able to be fit, do outdoor activities, or perform in a sport never go out of style. For the personal trainers at Innovative Results Gym (IR), their goal is to help clients move better and feel better in whatever they're doing, regardless of how they choose to stay fit. IR boasts the Active Conditioning Class that not only improves basic movement and cardiovascular health, but also relieves stress and encourages fun.

Innovative Results Gym Introduces Recovery Kit

Many fitness programs may focus on exercises to help lose weight, build strength, increase flexibility, or perhaps a combination of the three. Rarely do these exercise routines focus on injury-prevention or recovery. The personal trainers at Innovative Results Gym are experts on various types of movement, including techniques specifically for recovery. They have recently launched a new product, the IR3 Recovery Kit, which guides clients towards developing their own self-care or self-massage practice.

Innovative Results Gym Teams Up with Massage Therapist, Adam Kristoffer

Innovative Results Gym (IR) is known for its out-of-the-box programming. Its signature 60-minute group workout sessions include exercises that improve mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, and power. It's no surprise that clients achieve rapid results, whether it's to lose weight, get lean, recover from an injury, or just maintain an active lifestyle outside of the gym. To achieve even faster and greater results, IR has collaborated with sports massage therapist extraordinaire, Adam Kristoffer. As a recovery specialist, Kristoffer ensures that clients continue to move pain- and injury-free.